Tour groups welcome at Jumpin Good Goat Dairy in Buena Vista, Colorado • come taste our award winning goat cheese as you learn about ustainable agriculture, humane husbandry, local food education, and darn good cheese making!

Come Tour Our Goat Dairy
  in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado
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(719) 395-4646
General Overview / What to Expect
All tours begin at our Country Store. You are expected to show up on time, wear appropriate farm clothes, receive a “goatie stamp” to indicate that you’ve paid for your tour, and abide by our Tour Rules listed at right. -->

The entire tour can take up to 1 hour. If you need to leave earlier and/or have small children who are becoming tired, you are welcome to go. 

There is no age limit for children on the tour, however we do ask that your children are not sick, and can remain calm and respectful during the tour.

If traffic or other scheduling difficulties has you running late, please know that you can NOT join a tour after its start time, because our tours are timed to fit smoothly into the schedule of overall operations (such as milking).

If you miss a tour, you can not wander the farm on your own. However all is not lost -- you are welcome to pet our baby goats without a Farm Guide or scheduled tour (our goat “kids” are located in outdoor pens during nice weather, April through September), and you’re always welcome to visit our Country Store, taste some of our delicious cheese, and buy some to take home.

Spring and Summer often bring large tour groups. When this happens, tours may take a little longer, and you may have to split into groups. During late Fall and Winter, no tours are given due to weather and animal needs, however our Country Store is always open, and you can peer through the windows to watch our cheese making staff busy at work!

Tour schedules CAN and DO change. Because we are a working farm, we must put our animals’ needs first. Likewise the weather in the Rocky Mountains can be unpredictable: if there’s lightning/thunder, hail, a heavy downpour, heavy snow, high winds, or extremely cold temperatures, we may cancel or postpone a tour. ALWAYS call the dairy first to confirm our tour schedule.

School field trips can be arranged on weekdays if reservations are made in advance; the cost is the same as the regular tour cost.

Yes, we are wheelchair accessible!

Tour Details
11:30 am Farm Tour
This tour time includes a visit with our does and bucks in their environment / barns, followed by a tour of the big dairy barn to learn about our milking procedure, and view cheese in the making through large windows. Usually this time of day the milk is becoming a solid, and curds are being cut, cooked, and stirred by hand. You may see some cheese hanging and draining from the prior day, being pressed into wheels, or drying on tables. Last but not least you’ll tour our cheese Aging Caves before heading back to the store. 

4:00 pm Milking Tour 
During this tour time, you’ll accompany the does on their way to the milking parlor for the afternoon shift, walking past all the pens of baby “kids” at play. Once we arrive at the parlor, hands-on assistance is encouraged -- we’ll show you how to attach the milkers, how to tell when milking is finished, and how to make sure every “good to the last drop” is included in the bucket.  Those who participate in the milking will get a special surprise! After milking, the tour will continue past the cheese making rooms, where you can observe the wheels of cheese pressing and drying through large windows. We’ll pass through our cheese Aging Caves before heading back to the store.

Inherent Health Risks
Whenever people are in close proximity to livestock, there are inherent health risks for humans as well as the animals. These risks come in the form of disease, bacteria, and viruses. It’s important to be aware of these (and to communicate them to your children, if applicable) before you visit our farm: 

Diseases: Some diseases are zoonotic, meaning they are transferrable from animals to humans, and/or from humans to animals. Although zoonotic diseases are rare, you are expected to understand the risks before your tour. Livestock diseases can even be carried on footwear from one farm to another, so please inform dairy staff if you are coming from another farm. If so, you may be asked to sanitize your footwear with a dip, which we can provide to you here.

Bacteria:  Although we strive to keep our barns and dairy scrupulously clean, healthy and suitable for livestock, any adults or children who are unaccustomed to farm life and the natural bacteria that may exist on a farm may be susceptible to bacterial infection. Those at highest risk include the very young, the elderly, people who are immune-compromised, and pregnant women.

Viruses:  If you have a virus with symptoms of coughing, sneezing, running nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or any bacterial infection including but not limited to an open cut or wound, please do not visit our farm until all symptoms have cleared and/or healed. This pertains to children as well as adults... please do NOT bring a sick child to our dairy.

The most important rule to avoid health risks? HAND WASHING. Hand washing stations are provided at the dairy and we’ll make sure to remind you to wash regularly. Meanwhile, for further information about the risks of diseases from farm animals, visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website by clicking here.
Ever wonder what it’s like to visit a goat dairy?
Touring our goat dairy is not only educational, it’s a lot of fun! Tours typically include a walk-through of dairy facilities and operations (cheese-making and/or milking, depending on the tour time), some hands-on time with our goats, and a cheese tasting at the end of the tour. Some tours even include hands-on milking! Although the exact nature of your tour depends on the season and time of day, expect to come away with your head full of goat dairy knowledge, your tummy full of cheese, and your heart full of smiles.

Barn-ready clothes and sturdy shoes (including rain gear and warm clothes during inclement weather)
Your camera
A big cooler for cheese!
Tour Rules

Wear clothes that are appropriate for outdoor walking, and can get dirty, including rain gear, warm clothes (during cold weather) and sturdy shoes.
Maintain an attitude of cooperation, common courtesy, and polite behavior — adults and children too.
You are expected to have read and understood the information provided on this website page regarding Inherent Risks. To combat these risks, we ask that you WASH YOUR HANDS — this is mandatory before and after your dairy visit. We may also ask you to dip your footwear in a sanitizing solution, if you’ve worn the same shoes to another farm. All hand washing and footwear sanitization supplies are provided at the dairy.
At all times during your tour, you must be accompanied by your Farm Guide / dairy staff. We are a large working farm with tractors, 1800 pound hay bales, and moving equipment -- you can NOT walk around unsupervised on our property. The exception to this rule is our Country Store, and the baby goats in their outdoor pen (weather and season permitting).
During the tour, never open a farm gate, and if you see one open, close it and LOCK it (goats are escape artists!). Adults, you are responsible to make sure your children do not aid the goats in escaping!  :-)
Do not bring your pets. We love all animals but distractions from pets can cause confusion (at best) and injury to our goats (at worst).
There is no minimum age for children, however we reserve the right to ask you to leave if we believe your child’s actions present a risk to our goats or dairy operations.
We are closed on Sundays— please do NOT enter the property and help yourself when the farm is closed!
Tour Season: 
June 1 thru October 1

Days & Times: 
11:30 am • 4:00 pm
11:30 am • 4:00 pm
4pm only

$5.00 per adult
$3.00 per child under 12
School group rate is the same